Other Players In Carbon

Solid World welcomes as many players into the space as possible - each and every one of us fills a niche that the market needs. We are all trying to stop climate change, so we need to collaborate and uplift the space as a whole. We also differentiate ourselves by exclusively trying to solve the major problem of facilitating forward carbon agreements.
We have partnered up with several ReFi (Regenerative Finance) projects as well as market participants in the traditional voluntary carbon markets. You can find the most up to date list of there partners here: https://www.solid.world/partners#partners

How Solid World fits into the existing Crypto + Climate ecosystem

The are important projects in the Crypto + Climate ecosystem which we have a lot of respect for. What they are doing is important. Here we would like to highlight two in specific - Toucan and Klima - who have been leading the way in blockchain-based commoditized carbon credits.
Toucan Protocol accepts credits that are already certified by commonly recognized registries and functions as a meta-registry on the chain. Their first product of commoditized carbon credits - the catch-all Base Carbon Ton (BCT) has achieved significant adoption in the ecosystem. There are separate projects which have already developed mechanisms to allow it to be embedded in NFTs or leveraged for loans. Toucan is actively working on expanding its range of more specialized commodity pools for various carbon credits.
We would like to work with a carbon bridge for turning our forward deals into commonly accepted carbon credits on-chain as the credits get realized - so the carbon credits could go on to live their best lives in the existing ecosystem. Solid World has a specific focus on tokenizing carbon credit forward agreements. There are categories of highly financially-additional carbon credits which require ongoing funding prior to certification in order to function and scale. For example - soil carbon projects or reforestation projects which can have a 5-year certification timeline. Our protocol enables pre-financing for new projects to scale up the carbon markets.
Klima provides a crucial part of the core infrastructure for on-chain carbon markets - deep liquidity pools which can support high-volume transactions with minimal slippage. In addition to this - their bonding mechanism creates on-chain demand which has already brought large amounts of carbon credits onto the blockchain. The impact Klima's activity has had on the real carbon market has been significant - they have affected demand dynamics and pushed up the floor price for carbon credits universally.
Solid World DAO works exclusively in the forward markets section of the greater voluntary carbon market. For players like Klima - Solid World DAO can be a positive force, complementing Klima's work by over time increasing the supply of highly financially additional carbon credits on-chain - which we believe are the best possible reserve assets for the carbon ecosystem.
Solid World DAO's underlying protocol is very different from existing projects in the ReFi space. It is designed for different goals and is not a reserve asset protocol with bond mechanics. Solid World DAO is an infrastructure project to facilitate the flourishing of the forward carbon market.
Toucan and Klima have laid a powerful foundation for carbon markets to function on-chain and Solid World has no intention to compete with them in the niches that make them who they are. We want to develop ways of financing new carbon projects in a way that can benefit the existing crypto+climate ecosystem. We believe our forward carbon commodity tokens can be some of the best long-term reserve assets.
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