Solid World Organizational Values

Solid World is a group of environmentalists, developers, entrepreneurs, and worried citizens who want to make sure that their everyday work has an impact on the ultimate issue of our time - climate change. We pool our knowledge, time, and expertise to bring change now.
True innovation happens when you join multiple industries together and combine their strengths and solve weaknesses through symbiotic relationships. Tesla combined battery, car, and communication technology. We are combining the power of open communities, carbon markets, and blockchain expertise to bring change immediately and in a measurable way.
Save our Solid world -
The digital world is awesome, but we have a real solid world that also needs saving. Climate change is the greatest challenge to humanity that we have ever faced. Countries pledged in the Paris climate agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. At the same time, governments have proven unable to take real action to actually reach those levels. COP26 ended with failure and unless a change is brought in soon - we will fail our targets. People are already losing homes and lives to the changing climate and unless we take action, we will have civilization-ending events on our hands.
It's up to the private sector to solve the carbon crisis - which means that establishing a robust carbon economy is a key task. An efficient carbon economy, pre-financing options, and derivatives market will make it attractive to bootstrap carbon projects now to bring change fast. These are all tools that will allow carbon projects to scale and attain the impact we need to see.
Radical Transparency -
Carbon projects are all about credibility and trust. The best way to build credibility and trust is through radical transparency. We will leverage web3 technologies to bring radical change to the carbon market - we want to show to the community in real-time what every carbon project is doing, and how we verify their work.
Our community is all about radical transparency - all key decisions and carbon projects will be communicated with the community to ensure high-quality additional projects and the right direction for the Solid platform. Governance token holders elect a committee that can decide to reject carbon projects that don't seem to be delivering on their promises.
Act Fast -
Governments are slow and climate change is fast. The private sector has the power to move fast. New carbon projects need 3 things to speed up their progress - up-front financing, clear price signals, and liquidity that can scale to facilitate the market. Solid World DAO's infrastructure aims to address all of these. Velocity is key in solving the coordination problems of climate change.
Focus on Quality Credits -
Voluntary carbon offsetting markets get a bad rep for allowing the big polluters to buy cheap credits with questionable additionality to offset their emissions. Not all carbon credits are created equal - which is generally also reflected in the price of various carbon projects.
There are many projects out there with very questionable additionality. These projects are more liable to greenwashing and are bringing down the fair carbon credit price. Many renewable energy projects for instance would exist without the carbon credits awarded to them - creating questions about whether or not any actual change was made as a result of the financing. Seeing the low prices in the space discourages quality carbon projects from appearing. Furthermore, categories of higher-quality projects must be created in order to provide appropriate financing.
We need to put significant effort into curating exactly which projects to include in order to make sure that the projects that are being financed have a real, significant, scalable impact to stop global warming.
Solid World DAO aims to accelerate the carbon markets into a planetary powerhouse that has a shot at stopping climate change. We need to act now - and building the infrastructure that will facilitate robust project financing is the way we do it.
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