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Solid World is currently in its beta phase. While we are committed to maintaining stability and security, we advise users to expect that some parts of the app are not polished and interactions with the app may be slightly challenging. We are actively working to improve the quality of our service, and the website may change in noticeable ways frequently. Please reach out to us on Discord with any feedback about your experience.

This document is an ongoing resource. It evolves based on feedback from our partners and insights from market trends. The contents herein should not be considered as final promises but rather as a reflection of our current intentions and goals. As we adapt to the market's needs, certain details may change to achieve the most suitable market fit. We remain dedicated to delivering the best possible service.

Introducing Solid World

The carbon markets are not only illiquid but also plagued by a lack of transparency, structure, and standardization. This radical lack of transparency has significantly tarnished the reputation of the industry. In response, industry incumbents have become slower and more conservative. This has failed to address the fundamental problems that the industry is most criticized for - being a black box that nobody understands.

Solid World is here to change that by creating key infrastructure to enable radically transparent markets. Our approach to risk assessment, project analysis, contracts, and liquid markets with transparent prices and traceable trading offers unprecedented transparency from end-to-end. Inspired by the innovative spirit of successful entrepreneurs who dared to challenge the status quo, we aspire to redefine what carbon markets should be.

We believe in the power of community and collaboration. By fostering transparency, structure, and standardization, we can restore trust in the carbon markets and unleash their full potential to combat climate change. By building an infrastructure that breaks down barriers and enables open collaboration, Solid World will address the industry's current challenges and pave the way for a climate-positive civilization.

Together, we can create a future where the carbon markets are a driving force for change, empowering businesses, individuals, and communities to contribute to a sustainable, thriving planet.

How to participate:


  • Carbon projects face challenges accessing liquidity. This stops them from scaling the climate action the planet desperately needs.

  • Companies struggle to find a high-quality supply for certified carbon credits, as they prefer these over cumbersome and specific project finance agreements.

  • The market suffers from a failure, characterized by noise, opacity, and a lack of structure, leaving suppliers struggling to meet demand and find the right organizations to finance them.

  • The industry is caught in a cascading supply crunch, with markets expected to grow 25-50x by 2030. However, they are currently not scaling fast enough to meet this demand.


  1. Financing Carbon Projects: Solid World enables projects to sell forward credits at a discount, bridging the funding gap and enabling them to thrive.

  2. Risk assessment with CRISP: Financing carbon projects requires a deep understanding of expected outcomes and risks. Our pioneering CRISP framework, offered as a public good, brings a standardized delivery risk disclosure to the table, empowering all industry stakeholders to navigate forward deals.

  3. True Liquidity: The VCM is traditionally heavily ask-driven. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to place a 24/7 bid on the market, Solid World turns the existing market on its head, offering unparalleled liquidity to carbon projects.

  4. Collaborative Climate Warehouse: Solid World is a warehouse for climate finance, supplying inventory to marketplaces, brokers, traders, and companies. We work in synergy with the entire industry, fostering a cooperative ecosystem.

  5. Market Access: By connecting carbon projects with potential buyers, we create a seamless flow of income for carbon projects, addressing supply crunches and ensuring a more stable and efficient market.

The Team and Partners

Solid World's success depends on our team's unique blend of world-class expertise. We are fortunate to have a team with deep knowledge of carbon markets, risk assessment, blockchain development, tech startups, and more. Our team members have built leading companies in web2 and web3, worked with top-notch carbon credit rating agencies, and achieved successful exits from startups.

Our expanding network of industry partners spans across traditional carbon markets, the emerging field of regenerative finance (ReFi), and asset management companies. We take pride in our strong partnerships with organizations like Mastercard Lighthouse, SCB, and IETA. We're always seeking more strategic partners who share our vision of ending climate change and securing a future for our children.

Our pipeline of interested carbon projects is vast, representing millions of credits annually. The transformative potential of Solid World's infrastructure for these projects cannot be overstated. After decades of struggle, they finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The task of changing our world is monumental, and time is of the essence. Let's join forces to reshape the carbon markets together. We believe that collaboration is the way forward. Are you ready to make a difference? Join our community: Discord · Telegram · Twitter · Linkedin

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