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Solid World is a proposed solution to enable high-quality carbon projects to access financing before certification by pre-selling a portion of their carbon credits. Solid World DAO could enable this by providing a protocol-owned liquidity layer that vetted carbon projects can easily pre-sell their credits to.
Solid World DAO is a community-held protocol that helps stop climate change by providing fair financing to future projects. Solid World will be a force to cut the influence of predatory actors out of the pre-purchasing market by providing transparency and fair terms.
Solid's objective is to solve the critical problems of the carbon markets:
  1. 1.
    It's hard to finance new carbon projects
    • It can take years to get revenue for credits as certification of credits can take years
    • Lack of easy access to funding makes starting a project a risky investment and higher quality credits suffer more from this
    • The projects that require financing the most are the projects that are the most financially additional. Financial additionality is a core component of carbon project quality.
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    Carbon credits are not a commodity, because every project has different SDG-s
    • There is no price and volume transparency in the carbon pre-purchasing market
    • There are no price signals for high quality carbon credits with specific SDGs
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    The carbon economy is driven by external incentives
    • Driven by ESG, taxonomy, regulations, marketing and corporate responsibility
    • Current motivation incentivizes the purchase of cheap lower-quality credits. The bar is set by how much the company cares about potential reputational damage.
Solid World DAO aims to create a voluntary carbon marketplace where we turn pre-purchased carbon credits into a commodity layer called SCT and extract SDG-s from all carbon credits to sell them as NFT-s. The DAO will pre-finance new carbon projects by pre-purchasing some of the credits that will be certified in the future. The DAO will focus exclusively on quality carbon credits.
The DAO currently plans to fork Olympus DAO protocol and use SCT as its reserve assets. The protocol will own its liquidity through staking and collects almost all the marketplace fees. The protocol will purchase the SCT on the market through a bonding mechanism, which is how the financing of carbon projects happen.

Why Solid World DAO?

Solid World has an existing supply of carbon projects, as well as buyers and a brand it can leverage for trust.
We are backed by eAgronom that has a network of 1500 farmers managing over 1 million hectares. eAgronom is in the process of onboarding farmers a soil carbon program. It is estimated to currently create $1.3M of GMV of carbon credits. The program is in the process of getting Verra certified. We also have partners from forestry and coal methane capture carbon credit projects that want to pilot their carbon credits via Solid World DAO.
We are also trusted by corporates. For example the publicly traded bank LHV has already pre-purchased our carbon credits in their effort to be carbon neutral. Kersti Kaljulaid - Former Estonian President - holds NFT offsets that were gifted by eAgronom. We are collaborating with Machinery Resellers on scaling carbon projects.
We have collaborations with universities in CEE, like University of Tartu and Estonian University of Life Sciences. We have collaborations with government agencies like Estonia's PRIA or Poland's ARM.
We have the industry partnerships, know-how and connections to change it from within, and we have a solid enterprise sales team to drive adoption. Solid World belongs to eAgronom group.
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