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Access premium carbon credits at a discount by buying them early

Solid World's protocol is designed to empower a range of market participants to buy, sell, and trade CRISP-scored projects in an open, transparent, and mutually beneficial environment. With Solid World, brokers can broker our projects, marketplaces can list them, and traders can buy them directly from our pool. We foster a collaborative-first approach, offering incentives for active participation in our ecosystem.

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Why should you use Solid World for inventory?

Solid World offers distributors a unique opportunity to access a curated inventory of high-quality carbon projects. Here's why distributors should consider using our platform:

  1. High-Quality Inventory: Our platform provides distributors with access to a carefully selected inventory of top-tier carbon credits. All projects listed on our platform undergo a rigorous evaluation process and are accompanied by publicly available CRISP reports and signed contracts. Distributors can confidently source carbon credits that meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

  2. Transparent and Calculable Pricing: Solid World empowers distributors with the ability to calculate the deal price before making a purchase. Through our platform, distributors can easily determine the exact price and market impact of a transaction, allowing for precise and informed decision-making. This transparency enables distributors to negotiate contracts and pricing with confidence.

  3. Stream Buying: Distributors have the flexibility to stream buy carbon credits exactly as needed. Our platform allows distributors to purchase credits in the exact quantities required, providing them with greater control and flexibility in meeting the specific demands of their clients. This stream buying capability enhances operational efficiency and ensures optimal inventory management.

  4. Publicly Available CRISP Reports and Contracts: To build investor trust and foster transparency, all CRISP reports and underlying signed contracts for the listed projects are made publicly available. Distributors can easily access these documents, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the project's details, including the carbon reduction methodology, verification process, and project-specific terms. This level of transparency enhances credibility and instills confidence in the integrity of the carbon credits.

  5. Partnership Opportunities: Solid World welcomes collaborations with distributors and offers tailored incentives to support their participation in our ecosystem. Distributors interested in exploring partnership opportunities and discussing potential incentives are encouraged to reach out to us at partnerships@solid.world. We value strategic partnerships and are committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships that drive the growth and success of our ecosystem.

By utilizing our platform and listing our high-quality projects, distributors gain access to transparent pricing, calculable deal prices, stream buying capabilities, publicly available project information, and the opportunity for strategic partnerships. Join Solid World today to leverage these advantages and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change. Together, we can build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Process of Buying Projects

The process of purchasing CRISP-scored projects from Solid World's pool is a straightforward operation. Buyers simply need to navigate to the project page within our interface, connect their wallet, and select the project tokens they wish to acquire. Buyers need to acquire the CRISP-scored pool token to purchase the projects from our pool.

A unique feature of our platform is that buyers can calculate the exact price and estimate the potential market impact of their purchase before they finalize the transaction. Our system transparently provides this crucial information, helping buyers to make informed decisions and effectively manage their investments.

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The price of each token, reflective of the underlying project's carbon credit value, is determined by the market forces at play in our pool, ensuring fair and accurate pricing at all times.

We invite all participants to subscribe to our Solid World pricing newsletter by signing up here. As a subscriber, you will receive weekly updates with crucial pricing data and developments in the Solid World ecosystem, ensuring you are well-informed and prepared for your trading activities.

Taking Forward Carbon Credits Off-Chain

Solid World enables project owners who have bought the project credits to take their forward carbon credits off-chain, making the forwards attractive for clients who don't like blockchain. To initiate this process, project token holders need to contact us at carbon@solid.world or reach out to us in our discord by opening a help ticket.

Upon receiving the request, Solid World facilitates the transfer by burning the project tokens and notifying the supplier of the contract transfer, with guaranteed delivery (and insurance, once available in the future. Following the transfer, the counterparty for the buyer becomes the supplier, ensuring a seamless off-chain ownership experience.

Settlement process from forward to spot

If the buyer owns the underlying contract off-chain

If the buyer owns the underlying contract themselves or utilizes a third-party custodian, the settlement process involves notifying the supplier of the spot credit request. The buyer communicates their intention to convert the forward carbon tokens into spot credits, and the supplier is responsible for transferring the spot credits directly to the buyer's designated account or the custodian's account. This ensures a secure and efficient transfer of the spot credits, completing the settlement process.

project-specific the buyer owns the project specific tokens

In the scenario where the buyer owns the project-specific token, the settlement process may depend on the availability of on-chain solutions provided by platforms like Toucan, C3, or other service providers. Solid World anticipates the development of such solutions that can seamlessly accept forward delivery and facilitate the conversion of project-specific tokens into spot credits. As these on-chain solutions evolve, Solid World aims to collaborate with industry partners to integrate their services, streamlining the settlement process and ensuring a straightforward transition from project-specific tokens to spot credits. This ongoing collaboration will provide buyers with enhanced flexibility and accessibility in settling their forward carbon contracts.

Mitigating Delivery Risks

At Solid World, we recognize the potential risks associated with the delivery of forward carbon credits. As such, we have robust risk management strategies in place, including a stringent project selection process, ongoing monitoring, and collaboration with insurance providers. Our commitment to minimizing delivery risks is outlined in greater detail in the 'Due Diligence and Delivery Risks' section of our whitepaper.

Incentives and Partnerships

In our commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem, Solid World provides incentives to various participants in the marketplace. Brokers, marketplaces, and traders are all invited to discuss these potential incentives and explore partnerships with us. We believe in the power of collaboration and are always eager to engage with parties interested in contributing to our mission. To talk about the specifics, please email us at partnerships@solid.world or reach out in our discord by opening a help ticket.

In Solid World, we are shaping a new era of carbon credit trading, one that is rooted in transparency, fairness, and the collective effort of our participants. We welcome you to join us in this mission and look forward to exploring new possibilities together. If you are interested in contributing to this exciting ecosystem, please feel free to get in touch. Together, we can drive impactful climate action.

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