NOTE: All fees are currently disabled as part of the beta rollout. We will enable fees in the near future, in which case the below table describes the expected fees.

Solid World operates on a sustainable financial model that aligns with our mission to empower carbon credit suppliers and buyers alike. We maintain a fair fee structure to cover the costs associated with maintaining our platform's quality, security, and efficiency. Here's a breakdown of the fees we charge:

1. Onboarding Fee - 1%

This fee is charged when a supplier onboards a carbon project on our platform. This 1% of the total credits is allocated to cover the costs associated with our Carbon Risk Intelligence Scoring Protocol (CRISP). This ensures the robustness and reliability of the scoring process, a cornerstone in maintaining the integrity of projects on the Solid World platform.

2. Conversion Fee - 1.5%

When a supplier converts their project tokens into CRISP-scored pool tokens, we levy a conversion fee of 1.5% of the credits. This fee is for service provided to suppliers for providing them access to working capital, thus facilitating their operations and growth.

3. Redemption Premium Fee - 5%

When a buyer purchases credits from the pool, we charge an inventory fee, referred to as the Redemption Premium Fee. Currently, we have this fee at a flat percentage, though we may change this fee to be based on the Time Appreciation of a given Forward Clip

4. Time Appreciation Fee - 20%

We charge 20% of the accretion of discount as a fee for providing the liquidity platform. This fee reflects the value-added services we provide, including facilitating a liquid marketplace, securing efficient token transactions, and the overall upkeep of the Solid World ecosystem.

It's our primary aim to create a transparent and fair marketplace for climate action. This fee structure allows us to maintain and continually improve our platform, ensuring all participants have access to high-quality, CRISP-scored carbon credits in a liquid and secure marketplace.

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