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Access working capital by forward-sellling your carbon credits

At Solid World, we're building the foundation for a new era of carbon credit financing. Our platform offers a streamlined, efficient, and secure pathway for suppliers to stream sell their prepaid forwards to the market for working capital with 24/7 transparent and liquid prices.

Why should you use Solid World for early financing?

Solid World offers carbon project suppliers a unique opportunity for financing and market access. Participating on our platform provides several benefits:

  1. Early Working Capital: Suppliers can access working capital at an early stage, even before their carbon credits are certified. This allows them to secure funding for their projects during the planting or registration phase.

  2. Transparent and 24/7 Pricing: Our platform provides transparent and real-time pricing with volume information. Suppliers can monitor market prices and make informed decisions about when and how much to stream sell their carbon credits.

  3. Flexible Stream Selling: Suppliers have the flexibility to stream sell their carbon credits in the desired quantities as long as the price is attractive. This allows them to optimize their sales strategy and respond to market demand.

  4. Building Investor Trust: The presence of a liquid secondary market on our platform can attract more investors. The ability to buy and sell carbon credits in a transparent and regulated market provides investors with a hedge and enhances their trust in the market.

  5. Reduced Administrative Overhead: Our standardized CRISP scoring approach covers most of the information that investors typically seek. By providing comprehensive project information and a transparent evaluation process, our platform reduces or eliminates the need for additional administrative inquiries, saving time and effort for suppliers.

In summary, Solid World's platform offers carbon project suppliers the opportunity to access early working capital, benefit from transparent pricing, and streamline their sales process. With a liquid secondary market and reduced administrative overhead, suppliers can build investor trust and focus on their core activities. Join us on Solid World to unlock the full potential of your carbon projects and contribute to a sustainable future.

The Process to accessing working capital

1. Preliminary assessment

To start, suppliers submit their carbon project to our team by sending a letter to contact us at carbon@solid.world or reach out to us in our discord by opening a help ticket. Our team then conducts a preliminary assessment based on high-level selection criteria relevant to our pools.

2. CRISP scoring

Should the project meet our initial criteria, we commence the CRISP scoring process to assess credit delivery risks. Upon the completion of the CRISP scoring, our Curation Council reviews the project. It is important to note that every member of the Council holds veto power over project inclusion. If the project garners Council approval, it is granted permission to onboard and tokenize all AAA, AA, and A CRISP-rated forward carbon credits on our platform.

3. Onboarding and Tokenization

Tokenizing your carbon project with Solid World is a simple process. Each token corresponds to a forward promise for a carbon credit to be delivered in the future, signifying an immutable commitment to carbon offset. Each of these tokens is backed 1:1, meaning each token represents an exact amount of carbon reduction or sequestration.

4. Accessing working capital

Now that you have tokenized your project, you can start to stream sell your forward credits to our pools 24/7 in the exact volumes you want, as long as the price is attractive. Before you make the deal, you will see the exact market impact you will have and how much you will get.


Each supplier engages with Solid World under the same standard contract, which comes with a cover letter offering project-specific changes. All contracts and CRISP reports will be made available to the public to build long-term investor trust.

The standard project contracts can be seen here.

Liquidity and Market Access

By contributing to the Solid World pool, suppliers secure instant access to a global, active marketplace for carbon credits. Our marketplace serves as a non-exclusive sales channel. Suppliers can make Over-The-Counter (OTC) deals on the side, and the liquid secondary market provided by Solid World can even attract more investors to join in. Solid World provides a 24/7 transparent market buying offer for suppliers by putting a constant bid out there. Suppliers can conveniently stream-sell their supply to the pool in the exact amounts that align with their interests.

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The price of each token, reflective of the underlying project's carbon credit value, is determined by the market forces at play in our pool, ensuring fair and accurate pricing at all times.

We invite all participants to subscribe to our Solid World pricing newsletter by signing up here. As a subscriber, you will receive weekly updates with crucial pricing data and developments in the Solid World ecosystem, ensuring you are well informed and prepared for your trading activities.

Off-chain Redemption and Delivery

Solid World supports off-chain redemption. If a buyer owns specific project tokens, they can contact us at carbon@solid.world to initiate the off-chain redemption process. Solid World can facilitate the reassignment of the contracts to third parties, enabling suppliers to provide their forward promise to the buyer along with guaranteed delivery. If off-chain delivery is initiated, the supplier is given a notice for these credits. Only counterparties with registry accounts can initiate an off-chain redemption and delivery.

Delivery Risk and Risk Mitigation

Delivery risk poses a significant concern for both suppliers and buyers of carbon credits. At Solid World, we are committed to mitigating this risk through a variety of mechanisms. Our comprehensive CRISP-scoring system accounts for delivery risk when evaluating carbon projects. Solid World takes guaranteed delivery and the first delivery of credits to ensure guaranteed delivery. We also maintain the right to audit the finances of the supplier regularly to ensure their capability for guaranteed delivery. For more information about our approach to managing delivery risk, please refer to the Delivery Risk section in the whitepaper.

Contact us!

Solid World is committed to creating a sustainable and profitable environment for carbon credit suppliers. We encourage suppliers to reach out to us to discuss potential partnerships and incentives. Submit your carbon project to our team by sending a letter to contact us at carbon@solid.world or reach out to us in our discord

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