At Solid World, our governance structure is designed to ensure transparency, accountability, and community engagement.

Bankruptcy-Remote Structure

Solid World tokens are managed by MTÜ Solid World, a bankruptcy-remote entity based in Estonia. This legal structure is designed to provide a robust level of protection for token holders. In the unlikely event of Solid World's bankruptcy, the tokens remain fully collateralized, safeguarding the interests of the token holders.

The 7 Guardians - Liquidity Pool Curation Council

The Solid World Protocol introduces a Curation Council to foster reliable governance and ensure the high quality of carbon offset projects in our liquidity pools. This council comprises Solid World and the six largest liquidity providers (LPs) for each pool. Solid World holds a permanent position within the council, and we reserve the right to replace any council member if they display harmful behaviour. Council members play a critical role in vetting and approving potential projects, and they have a powerful veto right to decline projects that do not meet the rigorous standards set by our AI-driven CRISP framework. Given their significant stake in the protocol, council members have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity and quality of the pool. In short, the Curation Council reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of governance and quality control in the carbon offset market.

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Optimizing for Separation of Concerns

Our governance model is designed to optimize the separation of concerns. This ensures that different aspects of the protocol are managed independently, preventing any single point of failure and enhancing the overall security and stability of the system. This model also facilitates smooth operation and efficient problem-solving.

Multi-Signature Protocol Administration

Our protocol administration follows a multi-signature (multisig) approach. This means that multiple parties hold a "key," and a certain number of these keys are required to validate any transaction or make changes to the protocol. Multisig enhances security, mitigates risks, and ensures that no single entity has absolute control, reflecting our commitment to decentralization.

Community-Driven Governance

In line with our commitment to decentralized values, we are actively working towards a community-driven governance model. We believe in gradual decentralisation, ensuring a smooth transition and allowing our community to acclimatize to the new governance structure. While we do not have a governance token at launch, we believe in the power of our community to guide the future direction of Solid World. We strive to foster an engaged and active community where everyone feels empowered to contribute. As we grow, we will continue to gradually decentralize decision-making authority, embedding our community's collective wisdom directly into our governance model.

A Work in Progress

While we have a robust governance structure in place, we are continually learning and iterating. Please note that some details may change as we continue to refine our system. This reflects our commitment to adapt and improve to serve our community better.

At Solid World, we are building more than just a platform; we are creating a community. A community that values transparency, decentralization, and collective decision-making. We believe in the power of our community to guide us towards a more sustainable and inclusive future, and we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can build a Solid World.

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