🧑‍🏫Curation Council

In Solid World Protocol, the Curation Council carries immense responsibility. Composed of seven leading liquidity providers (LPs), including Solid World itself, the council oversees the integrity of carbon credit projects applying to join our liquidity pools, ensuring they meet the stringent quality standards and align with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Role and Responsibilities

The Curation Council's pivotal role is to critically assess potential carbon credit projects and decide whether they are eligible to join the Liquidity Pools. These projects must demonstrate a commitment to substantial environmental impact and comply with our strict criteria regarding additionality, permanence, and leakage prevention.

Key responsibilities of the council include:

  1. Project Evaluation: Utilizing Solid World's advanced AI-driven CRISP framework, the council evaluates the emission reduction or sequestration potential, methodological rigor, and verification reliability of each project.

  2. Risk Assessment: Each project's potential risks, including delivery risk, price risk, and regulatory risk, are carefully gauged by the council. This rigorous risk management aims to protect the solidity and reputation of our liquidity pools and maintain Solid World as a trusted marketplace for carbon credit trading.

  3. Continual Review: The council's responsibilities extend beyond initial project acceptance. It engages in constant monitoring and regular re-evaluations to ensure that all projects continuously meet the required high standards.

The 7 Guardians - Composition of the Curation Council

The Curation Council comprises the six largest LPs from the relevant liquidity pool, along with Solid World. This structure ensures balanced decision-making and keeps the most significant stakeholders engaged. As council members are also LPs, they have skin in the game, making it their vested interest to safeguard the quality and integrity of the liquidity pool.

Recognizing the importance of expert opinion, we have structured the Curation Council to ensure that the governance of the Solid World Protocol is informed and judicious. We believe that the crucial decisions about the projects entering our liquidity pools require nuanced understanding, hence the inclusion of the seven largest LPs who possess substantial experience and stakes in the Protocol.

While Solid World forms an integral part of the council, it retains the right to replace any LP that exhibits behavior detrimental to the best interests of the Solid World Protocol and its community.

If you are one of the seven largest LPs and are interested in joining the Curation Council, please apply by sending an email to partnership@solid.world.


The council possesses the authority to veto any project seeking to access the liquidity pools. In addition, council members get exclusive early access to detailed information about prospective projects, promoting informed and thoughtful decision-making.

The Curation Council is instrumental in maintaining the integrity and credibility of the Solid World platform, ensuring that only high-quality carbon credit projects make their way into our ecosystem. By imposing stringent project evaluation criteria, the council upholds the interests of our community and supports Solid World's mission of mitigating climate change through the innovative power of decentralized finance.

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